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Good Housing Partnership, LLC (GHP) is a real estate development firm focusing on the acquisition and development of affordable housing throughout the United States.  Our goal is to improve the affordable housing stock by partnering with owners and making substantial improvements to their properties through an extensive rehabilitation that refreshes the interiors and exteriors while addressing all deferred maintenance capital repair issues.  We achieve this goal through substantial investments meant to improve the experience of the residents.

GHP has provided development consulting services to non-profit entities and public agencies throughout the country since 2013. The firm is a national, full service, independent financial advisor/codeveloper/turnkey developer that assists clients/partners in the financing and implementation of affordable housing, urban development, and economic development initiatives.

GHP’s principals have advised on more than $5 billion of financing for real estate related assets, offering both depth and breadth of experience in structuring financial transactions.  Clients include public housing authorities and not-for-profit corporations such as affordable housing providers of low-income housing for families, seniors, veterans, and disabled individuals.

GHP strives to provide the highest quality advisory services possible to its clients/partners. Each client/partner has unique issues and objectives and fortunately our interests are always aligned. The key to providing high quality advisory services is spending time up-front learning the business goals, culture, and style. Frequent communication and confidentiality are priorities. The client's/partner’s interest is foremost and sole consideration.

About GHP
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  • Develop/Redevelop residential communities that better meet the needs of the tenants while maximizing the benefit to our development partners.

  • The residents' needs are our primary consideration in the design and development process

  • Residents' rights are protected throughout the development process

  • GHP strives to make the development process seamless to our partners

  • GHP only takes on engagements or developments where senior leadership will be involved on a day-to-day basis

  • Our  internal rule about new engagements is very simple; we only take on engagements where we are sure we have the internal capacity to handle it seamlessly and properly in conjunction with our other assignments/developments, and only when the assignment/development is one where we believe, given its size and complexity, that we can add significant value and see a clear way forward to do so

  • GHP has succeeded in all of its engagements/developments, Our goal is to always over deliver for the benefit of the residents and our partners

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Team Experience


GHP was formed in early 2019 by Alejandro Lara and Geoff Anderson after working together as consultants for six years. Alejandro and Geoff partnered up with Jack Hollihan and Irwin Ackerman who also provide a breadth of real estate related experience and financial relationships.

Geoff  has a decade of multifamily residential development experience including but not limited to Asset Management, Underwriting Tax Credit/Bond Applications, HUD Contract Transfers (including straight acquisitions) of 22 properties with over 1,000 units for over $480 million in development costs. Geoff has excellent and strong relationships with numerous affordable housing agencies, lenders, investors, as well as architects, engineers, contractors, HUD attorneys, Tax Credit attorneys and other consultants. Geoff has successfully negotiated multiple transactions including partnership agreements, loan and bond documents and construction contracts for example.   Geoff has a BA from the University of Chicago and has completed several courses on HUD programs.

Alejandro has over 20 years of real estate development experience having previously worked at nonprofit community development corporations, private affordable housing consulting firms and as a real estate investment banker working on multi-billion-dollar mergers and acquisitions.  More recently, at a prior affordable housing development firm, Alejandro was responsible for the execution of all transactions including leading all interactions with investors, lenders, attorneys, and consultants. Alejandro was intimately involved in all aspects of the development process from negotiating the acquisition of a property to determining the scope of work and monitoring the contractors and consultants.  He created all of the firm’s development capacity and led the team in the development of 22 properties with over $480 million in development costs.  Many of these transactions involved multiple layers of financing having successfully closed each one of them while satisfying all of the requirements. Alejandro was also responsible for stabilizing every asset and making sure they are ready for the next 15 to 20 years of operations.  Alejandro has an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA, an MPP from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and a BA from the University of California, Berkeley. Alejandro currently sits on the board for Wellnest and was previously the Chair of the Community Advisory Board for Union Bank and was also a member of the Financial Advisory Committee for the City of Culver City.

Who We Are



New Engagements

  • Workforce Housing Units, Bozeman, MT – 100 Condominiums

  • Housing Authority Scattered Sites, Billings, MT – 51 Properties

In Process

  • Boulevard Apartments, Bozeman, MT - 41 Units

  • Butte Scattered Sites, Butte, MT - 9 Properties

  • Darlinton Manor, Bozeman, MT - 100 Units

  • Elm Street,  Butte, MT – 35 Units

  • Leggat, Butte, MT – 30 Units

  • The Miles Building, Livingston, MT – 40 Units

  • Rosalie Manor, Butte, MT – 65 Units

  • Silverbow Homes, Butte, MT – 212 Units

  • Sherwood Inn Apartments, Livingston, MT – 49 Units

Select Completed

  • Central Avenue Village Square, Los Angeles, CA – 45 Units

  • John Madison Exum Towers, Memphis, Tennessee – 240 Units

  • Juanita Tate Legacy Towers, Los Angeles, CA – 118 Units

  • One Wilkins Place, Los Angeles, CA – 18 Units

  • Pacific Rim Apartments, Inglewood, CA – 40 Units

  • Rancho Del Valle Apartments, Woodland Hills, CA – 25 Units

  • Roberta Stephens Villas I & II, Los Angeles, CA – 40 Units

  • Rosecrans Manor, Compton, CA – 50 Units




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