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Our team has decades of experience developing high quality affordable housing including multifamily, senior, special needs, homeless and veteran housing. Our affordable housing properties utilize the same quality design and construction as market-rate housing properties. GHP achieves its goal of providing quality housing through a disciplined approach that focuses on long-term operations and making sure the satisfaction of residents are continually satisfied where they live. We achieve this while delivering our properties on time and on budget which is crucial, not only to our partners, but also to the residents. GHP is fortunate to have valued partners including national and regional governmental agencies, lenders, investors, contractors, architects, attorneys, property management companies and other development team members who are all equally committed to our mission and goals.

What sets us apart from other housing developers is our commitment to making the investment to not only restore the properties to their original state but implement the best systems and use the most current materials for even better operations. We also seek partnership opportunities with local entities including local governmental agencies and existing local non-profit organizations so they can help guide us in making sure the properties meet the needs of the local communities. By partnering with local entities, we can better serve the residents in that community by addressing their specific needs.

Join us in our mission in improving housing by creating homes that service the needs of our communities.


Many of our developments involve complex structures including multiple layers of financing such as low-income housing tax credits, tax exempt bonds, state financing, city financing, and HUD financing. We are experienced in facilitating these complicated transactions on time and within budget.


We are committed to developing and maintaining high-quality properties. As long-term owners our focus is in making sure the residents live in a safe and comfortable environment while making sure the property operates effectively and efficiently. To this extent, we always look for partnerships within the community such as local non-profit organizations.

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